Saturday, October 11, 2014

64 Monthly meeting of our division no 007 on 11 th october 2014 (FIVE YEARS anniversary)

Friends and fellow wardens

we would completing 5 years of our division launch on 11 th October 2014.

Please attend the 64 th monthly meeting tomorrow from 4.15 PM onwards at the P F Layout Residents Welfare association building , P F Layout in Vijayanagara, Bangalore 40.

We would beobserving our 5 th anniversary of div 07 also.

Sri Vagish, Corporator BBP, Maruthi Mandira would be the guest. Please bring your friends. Lets enjoy the memorable past 5years.

Friends, I thank each and every one of you for the unstinted support extended and contribution of your time, energy, and skill for the service of the society.

I thank all the DGPs, starting from Ms. Jija Madhavan Hari shingh, , to sri Om Prakash ji for their support in conducting the activities.

I whole heartedly thank on all your behalf, Maj.Gen John  former Chief warden and Dr PRS chetan chief warden and OC civil defence , Bangalore , for their motivation and encouragement in the growth of our division as well the growth of organization in Bangalore city.

I thank both the dy divisional wardens, all the post wardens and dy post wardens, for their support extended  in the activities  of our division and always leading from the front.

Friends tomoro is your day and share all your experiences .

Thanks and best regards

Mohan rao , DW , 007

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