Sunday, February 28, 2016

National Civil Defence Collage : Nagpur : NCDC 59th foundation day celebrations on 5 March 2016

NCDC foundation day will be observed on 5 March 2016.......technical demonstrations by QRT's of Bengaluru, Jaipur and Railways will work along with 25 students of Tirpude College of Social Work....

Nagpur: As the country's only civil defence college run by the Ministry of Home Affairs celebrates its 59th foundation day, big plans are afoot. Nagpur Civil Defence College (NCDC) is preparing to put up a grand show on March 5 with city MP and Union minister for road & surface transport Nitin Gadkari as chief guest.
GS Saini, director of NCDC, said, "We will have lot of things on display and a demonstration will be given on various trainings we provide here. Currently we have students from Tirpude College of Social Work training with us and they will play an active role in the demonstrations on March 5."
NCDC has been the premier destination in country for training civilians to act as the first line of defence in case of natural and/or manmade disaster. It is the only institute that trains trainers from all over the country in survival skills. NCDC has been conducting highly skilled programs on Basic Life Support, Advance Life Support and Advance HAZMAT Life Support since last 15 years and has a number of modern simulation dummies for trainees to practise upon.
The NCDC campus has developed the concept of 'disaster city' where the trainees can get a feel of possible threats they may face. There is an entire train coach and even a chopper (for demo purpose) on campus to simulate rescue operations. Saini has also erected a tall building like structure to simulate highrise rescue operations along with a rubble site so that trainees can understand how to look for survivors in case of an earthquake. NCDC has been conducting programmes regularly for developing skills in school and college teachers to deal with emergencies anywhere.
Keshav Patil, principal of Tirupude College of Social Work, said, "My students are learning a lot from the training at NCDC and I am confident it will help them handle disaster situations better. They, in turn, can train others in the college or their neighbourhoods so the first precautions during a disaster can be taken. These students can be then sent to areas where there is a need to manage disasters like floods, earthquake, etc."

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